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eCommerce, Live Chat, AI, Machine learning and the art of driving revenue on your website post COVID-19

June 26th, 2020|Business|

eCommerce, Live Chat, AI, Machine Learning and the Art of Driving Revenue on your Website post COVID-19 COVID-19. has thrown a little monkey wrench into everybody’s game and if you are not online, you are not in the game. The evolution of artificial intelligence and other engagement tools is now in full swing, and eCommerce web chats


March 18th, 2020|Business|

  The customer landscape is changing, and you need an active engagement tool to convert visitors into paying customers. We don’t mean the ones that send the same boring message to every user that comes to your site.  Do you know that customers feel more empowered, valued and disposed to doing business if brands proactively encourage engagement based on their

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