Small and medium scale businesses should leverage on push ads to get maximum return on their investments to create awareness for their brands. Although, display ad is excellent for brand awareness, push ad can be deployed to users on mobile, web-mobile and desktops, at much less cost. For Push Ad campaigns, advertiser only pays for users who visits their offering, a very effective campaign strategy compared to display Ad, where advertiser must pay for both impression and visits to the offer. A very expensive route for a small businesses.

Push ads are generally targeted toward users who have opted to receive notifications. Audiences are targeted by location, profile and vertical market. Media entities or advertising agencies that promote push campaigns generally used data management platform that provide access to profiles and vertical market audience. Push ads reach audiences directly, both on their desktops and on mobile devices with a higher visit rate than display Ads.

To organize a successful push campaign, it is highly recommended that you create a good and effective landing page that tells the story of your product and provides incentive for visitors to engage and buy your product or services. You can check our blog post on landing page. As an Advertiser, you should create a Call to Action tool that will drive conversion. This is one area that a lot of campaigns have failed. A call to action makes your landing page a conversion point for visitors, as it prompts users to make buying decisions. A good call to action would include things like, time sensitive discounts or sale offer, deadline for free delivery etc. AdsMyWay professional digital consultants are available to support your campaign efforts. AdsMyWay currently offer the following free consultation services to customers:

• Create effective landing pages

• Free graphic design for your Ad

• Free business consultation

• Keyword research etc.

Finally, consider advertising a necessary investment without which your business will not grow. Consistency build audience and following, which results in long term growth for the business. Patience is critical. A good measure of how effective your push campaign is doing is to view the number of visits per day to your page before and after you launched the campaign. If you are getting significantly increased visits but no conversion, before you stop advertising consider tweaking your offering and the landing page. Your Ad company is getting the job done.

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