Low Conversions, Abandoned baskets?

Things may not be as bad as they look, the future could be even brighter

One of the many challenges faced by online businesses is how to generate quality leads and convert them into paying customers. You will find that even major e-commerce stores and chains have same challenges, on how to turn visitors to paying customers. There is the issue of abandon baskets, that is about to be a phenomenal. It is so bad Amazon now send out notices to people reminding them of their abandoned baskets.


If you are in this same situation you can take comfort that you are in good but unhealthy company, when looking for ways to convert visitors to paying customers, or ways to reduce the rate of abandoned baskets. Interestingly the situation is not as bad as it seems, as there are now many credible researches coming out with indication of possible solutions. There are few of them mentioned here

“Businesses who engage visitors to their web site see a 30% increase in online sales”Source: emarketing.com


The statistics simply tell us the challenges are not insurmountable for an online business. Careful planning and strategic implementation of online engagement tools to reduce abandoned baskets and increase revenue must now be critical part of planning an online business. One of the most popular engagement tools and the fastest growing, surpassing telephone and email is chat.


There are many web chats tools on the market for ecommerce businesses. However, additional research shows only 9% of ecommerce sites have chat tools. This might explain the drop in the percentage of total retail sales from ecommerce, despite that it continues to grow.

How to handle Low Conversions and Abandoned baskets


Research conducted on 1000 e-commerce sites with chat tools shows 21% of the businesses failed to respond to a chat request, these issues when combined, may explain the depressive growth rate of e-commerce as a percentage of total retail sales.


So what does the future hold for e-commerce?

The future cannot be any brighter when you consider that COVID-19 has chased us all online; evolving technologies are creating powerful engagement tools that will help to improve e-commerce performance and growth. We are at the beginning of the evolution of technologies that will impact e-commerce in very significant ways. AI, Machine learning, BOT, Live Chat, text to voice are some of the technologies that will evolved to transform e-commerce and online engagement. Chats are now being integrated with AI to create more engaging experience for users online.


The new Active Chat tool from ImpulseEdge sets itself apart from all other chat tools on the market. The company sets out to address some of the issues raised above using live chat tool . ImpulseChat is an Active Chat which takes the decision to Chat or not to Chat out of the hands of the consumer or visitor. What you have today is passive chat tools with pop up that invite visitors to chat. What ImpulseChat does is, it inserts the users or visitors into the chat which is one step further than ever and puts the visitor in the awkward position of telling your host you do not want to chat. It is like stopping at my house for a visit and refusing to say hello.


The company says it proprietary application not only insert users into the chat it provides visitors audio notification that a rep is online and provides the business audio notification that a visitor is in the house. The question raised is one of intrusiveness. According to ImpulseEdge, “We simply ask our client to add general notice to their ads or any promo sources that agents are waiting to engage visitors”. However, if all the statics coming out are any indication of consumer response to an active chat, online shopper are craving engagement, live chat and will love this. According to Vtldesign, 91% of users invited to have a live chat with sales reps liked the experience as it helped them in their product search and purchasing decision.


• 38% of online users said that they made their purchase because of that live chat session.

ImpulseChat is scalable and available for large enterprise with customer service centers or small business owner who need to attend to visitor’s chat request from a mobile phone. ImpulseChat is is effective for improving advertising ROI, getting the most result out of your Ad campaigns, email, sms campaigns or posting on your social media pages to drive visitors to the web chat for live engagement. For more information visit: https://impulseedge.com/impulsechat