eCommerce, Live Chat, AI, Machine Learning and the Art of Driving Revenue on your Website post COVID-19


COVID-19. has thrown a little monkey wrench into everybody’s game and if you are not online, you are not in the game. The evolution of artificial intelligence and other engagement tools is now in full swing, and eCommerce web chats tools are only a faint splash on a huge wave of progress.

Today, businesses have embraced the use of Web Chats, and no longer for the traditional customer experience and customer service but to drive revenue.

Whether it is for customer service or sales, online is where the game is played post COVID -19. Recently, it was reported by BBC NEWS that PRIMARK, a fashion store in the United Kingdom goes from making 650million pounds a month in sales to making nothing in the last one month of operation, due to COVID-19.

Using live chat for eCommerce can be the difference between a spectator website, or a star player website for the team, it all depends on your online engagement tools.

BOT, AI, Web Chats, Text to Voice, Machine learning, these are the recent online engagement tools turning websites and eCommerce sites into star players for businesses. If you are not using one of these tools on your web site you are not in the game. The most readily available and affordable is live chat


“A recent research published by showed businesses with live chat tools experience 30% more sales from their websites”.

Using live web chats for sales marketing was mostly uncharted territory, except for few large organizations such as Alibaba, you will find most are used for customer service and support. Now more brands, including small and medium sized businesses are getting on board with engagement tools to drive revenue.

Today, over half of the customers seeking customer service do so through Web Chats. However, it is critical to differentiate between robotic web chat tools such as BOT’s using artificial intelligence to provide customer support from live web chats which provides human to human engagement and generally with stronger results.

Research by the group Acquire showed: More than 79% of consumers feel they found quick answers that impacted their buying decisions when they have live chat with a business”.

Now comes “Active Live Chat” to address COVID 19 sales and revenue anxiety. It auto inserts a visitor directly into the chat box, from an Ad campaign, promotion, social media page, or mail campaign, thereby increasing engagement with customers and visitors, which results in higher sales and revenue.

ImpulseChat, an active live chat tool provides URL link that can be embedded into an Ad, placed on a social media page or any other source of traffic, including business cards, which will open and auto insert the visitor into the chat box for live engagement.


Live chat on steroids? It drives sales, it drives leads and grow revenue

COVID-19 meets Active Live Chat and the business landscape is forever changed. eCommerce is taking center stage in business strategy and planning, globally; automating eCommerce processes is a natural response to the need to drive online revenue.

Active live chat skyrockets the number of live engagements with customers and visitors, which leads to more sales and satisfied customers.

An active live chat tool is designed to perform all the traditional functions of a live chat but offers tools designed specifically to drive live engagements and sales on a web site. An active live chat tool deployed in combination with an Ad campaign to drive revenue will see ROI soar and revenue well above average.

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ImpulseChat offers an Active Live Chat with tools to auto insert visitors into the chat box and provide audio notification of chat requests. A necessary feature for busy business owners always on the go, or businesses with work from home employees who may be distracted by children and other things in the home.

Let’s face it working from home is not a walk in the park, having the right tools to keep employees working from home focused and on their toes is now an essential.

ImpulseChat offers both sales and customer services features including auto insert visitors, audio notification, lead generation, chat log, after hour message logs, wait time management, chat request by department, online/offline status, user role and hierarchy, chat reports, visitors country, copy and paste simple installation.


You can get ImpulseChat for just $0.99 a month with 1 admin user and 2 agents’ seats. Additional agent seat is $0.99 each up to 50 agents.

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